Nordic Lights

Household | Giftware

One of the leading brands which have had great success in the UK giftware market, Nordic Lights is a collection of bone porcelain tealights and candle shades that illuminate with delicate scenes and themes.

The Nordic Lights range has been designed to narrate a picture or scene from crafted candle shades and tea light holders, the perfect gift to create a special ambiance in the home.

Made from bone porcelain, the shades provide delicately lit décor, either as standalone pieces or as a collectable display. The shades are placed over a light base (for example a tealight) so in the dark it brings out the visuals that will glow through the lighting providing the ideal perfect decor item.

There is a large selection of designs in the Nordic Lights range, varying from celebrity characters, seasonal scenery, animals and pattern designs. With such an extensive collection, there is a design to suit everyone.

To showcase the range to best effect, there are a number of merchandising solutions available which show the pieces lit – not only providing a helpful guide to the consumer, but also to create some impressive retail theatre in-store.