Pot of Dreams

Household | Giftware

Pot of Dreams moneyboxes come in a variety of colourful designs and are one of the leading brands which have had great success in the UK giftware market.

Pot of Dreams is a colourful collection of hand decorated ceramic money pots which come in various trend-led designs with eye-catching aesthetic appeal, many of which are adorned with glitter and sparkling jewels.

Designed to appeal to both children and adults, there are plenty of opportunities to capitalise on all-year-round sales – whether driven by seasonal opportunities or as great gift ideas.

Each design is carefully considered for its wide appeal – whether saving for a holiday, a wedding or simply a shopping spree, there’s a Pot of Dreams for every possible occasion!

Stashing spare change into a Pot of Dreams is reminiscent of having a piggy bank as a child, both a nostalgic and rewarding feeling. When it’s full, the Pot of Dreams can finally be smashed for the cash!

The idea then is to choose the next one, and start saving again! As an impactful pop of colour on shelf, or as a proven sales performer, the Pot of Dreams range proves to be very attractive to both retailers and consumers. With key consumer themes an integral part of the product development process, there will always be popular designs ready to be taken home.